Fortune 1000

Fortune 1000

Recent years has shown no shortage of hacks, cyber theft, and security breaches involving some of the largest companies in the world. Several Fortune 1000 companies and major corporations have had their systems breached just in the past year, and it is estimated that cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021.

Major corporations and Fortune 1000 companies across every industry realize how vital it is to protect both internal and customer data. However, companies struggle to stay a step ahead of cyber criminals and hackers. Identity governance, protecting private internal data, and securing sensitive or proprietary information are all top-of-mind challenges for most of the world’s biggest companies.

That’s precisely why CyberloQ was created, to provide a seamless, easy to use, and highly effective technology solutions to meet the cybersecurity challenges that all large corporations face. At CyberloQ, we understand that as corporate value creation shifts towards digital – and as data becomes more pervasive – major companies need to invest in a strong cyber defense now more than ever. Here’s how we help Fortune 1000 companies – or any large, global business – protect their information as well as their brand.

Enterprise Level Multifactor Authentication

McKinsey & Co. recently spoke with information security experts from 25 of the world’s biggest corporations, and one of their biggest concerns was that, as companies are expected to be more open digitally, more access points for potential hacks are created. With CyberloQ’s enterprise-level multifactor authentication technology, you can rest assured that the people who enter your corporate infrastructure belong there.

Advanced Credit Technologies’ CyberloQ™ technology can be a critical tool in helping large corporations protect both proprietary internal data, as well as sensitive information about their customers. In the event of a breach, CyberloQ uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to pro-actively ensure that only authorized users, on approved devices, and within designated locations can access critical internal or customer data within your corporate IT ecosystem.

“Always Off” – Creating a Corporate Surveillance Perimeter

One of the most meaningful changes that any Fortune 1000 organization can implement is creating a virtually impenetrable corporate surveillance perimeter with CyberloQ’s unique “Always Off” functionality.

Data protected by CyberloQ is accessible only to employees, executives, corporate partners, public sector regulators, or customers who have registered within your corporation’s CyberloQ enabled database – such as Active Directory or LDAP.

CyberloQ enabled client accounts remain “inactive” until users verify themselves with a mobile device, smartphone, laptop, or tablet – in combination with a PIN to access protected data. This two-factor authentication credential model creates a strong perimeter around any critical corporate or sensitive customer data.

CyberloQ’s administrator-defined geofencing provides enterprise-level capabilities to ensure that the user or device is within a specified geographical perimeter prior to granting access. This location can be as large as a city or – using physical beacons – as small as a room, providing the ultimate perimeter surveillance scalability. If the perimeter of the geofence is breached, the account (and all access to it) is automatically disabled.

Iron Clad Enterprise Cyber Security

The top corporate cyber security experts told McKinsey that one of their top concerns is the increasing sophistication of hackers and cyber criminals. They even joked that hackers appear to be better funded than their own IT staff. It’s a simple fact – no matter how much time, money, people, and resources Fortune 1000 companies throw at the cyber crime problem, they can’t do everything on their own.

At CyberloQ, we understand that constant cyber security innovation isn’t necessarily a capability that even large corporations can develop overnight. That’s why we’re continually developing enhancements to create additional layers of security to our current MFA solution. This includes incorporating innovative technologies – like Biometrics – to provide iron-clad security to any major or Fortune 1000 company we partner with.

Information, data, and records will be readily available to any public-sector partners or entities that might likely become involved in the event of a cyber-attack on a large company or corporation, including members of the FBI, FTC, or National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

CyberloQ technology is rooted in providing both domestic and international cybersecurity services to the United States government for over 30 years, and we’re bringing that same level expertise to some of the world’s largest corporations. CyberloQ technology is a custom-built, proactive, real-time solution for end-to-end enterprise-level cyber security that the biggest global corporate organizations demand. CyberloQ is here to help secure your proprietary internal information, sensitive customer data, and partner with your internal IT department to create an iron-clad corporate digital security infrastructure. We understand that large, successful companies have a “target on their back” when it comes to hackers. CyberloQ can help you stay one step ahead of them, ease the minds of your customers, and prevent your brand from being on the “Biggest Hacks of the Year” list in 2018 and beyond.