CyberloQ Technologies

Vigilant Identity Defense

CyberloQ’s patented proactive approach, including advanced authentication algorithms-and industry-leading geofencing capability, secures and protects your data from fraudulent access and exploitation.

VISA & MasterCard Protection

Power your organization’s Brand with a customized, private label Bank Card backed by CyberloQ’s innovative and easy-to-use security protocols – with their smartphone, Cardholders have complete control over when, where and how their card can be used.

Web Portal and Data Base Access Protection

Protect your data assets and your customers' Personal Identifying Information (PII) information by integrating CyberloQ into all your organization’s log-in access points. Stolen username and password credentials are rendered useless to would-be hackers when your systems are protected by CyberloQ.

The Vault

CyberloQ’s proprietary Vault is vastly superior to email and other electronic mechanisms for sending and receiving sensitive files and documents. Vault users are doubly protected – CyberloQ ensures only authorized access to documents in the Vault, and rigorous Blockchain encryption protocols “lock down” document content during transmission in to and out of The Vault.

Private Block Chain

Whether your business is driven by medical, legal, government or corporate data, let us build your CyberloQ protected private Blockchain to implement real-time authentication and fraud for the ultimate in information and transaction protection.

Additional Services and Solutions


White Label Branding

CyberloQ is easily deployed within your organization’s branded experience. Users will be able to transition between CyberloQ and your other systems quickly and easily.


Identity as a Service (IDAAS)

CyberloQ function’s as a cloud-based Identity-as-a-Service (IDAAS) infrastructure. We provide you your technology cybersecurity infrastructure – so you don’t have to.


Strategic Plan Development

More than just a product, CyberloQ will help you develop a comprehensive cyber defense strategy that employs our proprietary Geofencing and MFA technology.


24/7 Online Support

Whether it’s email, phone, or chat, CyberloQ provides 24/7 customer support to answer any questions you might have, resolve any issues, or help make the most out of our product.


Global Admin Console

CyberloQ’s Global Admin Console provides admins with all the information they need to effectively manage their organization’s cyber defenses. Drill down into account activation history, geographic data, user login records, and much more.